IMPORTANT NOTICE: Currently only previous Watson Survey customers can be accepted. We cannot handle any new customers. Only previous customers or previous properties that we’ve worked on.


Watson Surveying provides surveying services to many types of customers including residential, commercial, builders, contractors, developers. Maps are provided in both paper and digital formats. The types of surveys generally fall into the following categories.


Residential Lot Survey

residential survey servicesPerformed for lot owners or title companies or financial lenders, A Land Title Survey is a measurement and evaluation of significant factors such as boundary corners and lines, locations of buildings and fences, utilities and easements within or immediately surrounding a certain lot in a subdivision. Prices for a vacant lot start at $450, for lot with house start at $485…. view example lot survey map

Acreage Tracts Large and Small

Land that is not in a recorded subdivision, whether part of an acre, just a few acres or 500 acres or more.  Priced on individual basis…. view example acreage survey map

Topographic Survey and other Builder/Architect Services

Watson Surveying offers Lot Owners and Builders survey support needed throughout the construction process… Topographic and Tree Surveys,  Form Surveys prior to pouring concrete, Final or “As-Built” Surveys,  Construction Staking and Building Corner Stakeout. Priced on individual basis. Form surveys start at $375, Building corner stakeout $50 per point with $350 minimum…. view example topo survey map

Commercial ALTA Title Survey

Minimum Standard/Detailed Requirements for ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys as adopted by American Land Title Association, American Congress in Surveying and Mapping, and the National Society of Professional Surveyors.  Priced on individual basis.

Elevation Certificate

Houses built in flood plains usually require an elevation certification to be performed. The elevation of the house slab must be determined by tying it to a known elevation benchmark, along with other required measurements. Prices start at $350, depending upon distance from house to a known benchmark… view elevation certificate form

Written by Stuart Watson, Last Updated ( Thursday, 5 August 2021 05:30 )